Vera La Mela 


Vera La Mela is a PhD student in Global Christianity and Interreligious Relations at Lund University (Sweden). Her main subjects are systematic and ecumenical theology with a focus on ecumenical ecclesiology and the theology of the laity. In her dissertation, she studies the notion of unity in the early work of Chiara Lubich, the founder of the ecumenically oriented Focolare Movement. Vera holds an M.A. from the University of Helsinki (Finland) and has studied linguistics and literature also at the Université Lumière Lyon 2 (France) and Università degli Studi di Pisa (Italy). She began her doctoral studies in ecumenics at the Faculty of Theology in Helsinki and from 2019 she is based in Lund.

Lodewieke Groeneveld


Lodewieke Groeneveld (born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is a PhD Student at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands) and at the Institut Protestant de Théologie in Montpellier (France).  She completed a Master’s degree in church ministry (PKN) at the Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam (Netherlands). During these studies Lodewieke was employed as a pastoral youth worker by a Mennonite Church in the Netherlands, and she then followed the courses of the master in research at the Institut Protestant de Théologie in Montpellier (France). Her main interests are missiology and ethics from a French context. 

Nikolaos Amanatidis


Nikolaos Amanatidis (born 1994 in Thessaloniki/ Greece) is a PhD Student at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Tübingen (Germany). He studied orthodox Theology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and at the University of Munich. After his B.A. (2016) he studied two semesters at the Faculty of Theology and the Ecumenical Institute at the University of Heidelberg Biblical Hermeneutics and Ecumenical Theology. In May 2017 he was a participant of the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) in Berlin. His dissertation focuses on “The motive of knowledge in the early Paul’s school” where next to the historical-critical and rhetorical issues of the Texts he examines the reception of the motive in the exegetical work of the Eastern Church Fathers (2nd-4th century). A further interest in his research is the role of the orthodox hermeneutics in Ecumenical Theology and the interpretation of the biblical text through the liturgy of the Eastern orthodox Church.


Sr Estelle M. Sogbou


Sr Estelle M. Sogbou studied catholic theology in Lyon (FR) and Bonn (DE). After graduating with a PhD project on ecclesiology in Dietrich Bonhoeffer's theology she is now teaching at the Institut Théologique de Dombes in France in cooperation with the Catholic University in Lyon. She currently works on the reception of the christological councils in contemporary christology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Karl Rahner, and Alexander Men.

She belongs to the community Chemin Neuf, a catholic community with an ecumenical calling.